HELLO and welcome to my website!

I’ve created this blog to share all things health & fitness with you all! I get asked thousands of questions about my lifestyle, so I thought having somewhere to share my experiences in detail would help those interested.

So, here’s a little info about me:

I’m 24 years old, currently living in London. I’m 5’7″ and my mission is to look good and FEEL good without the use of fad diets, crazy fitness regimes and expensive gym memberships! I started my fitness journey in July 2015, and although I have a sporty background I’ve always found exercising a chore. My relationship with gyms has been a rocky one, they have never really worked for me. I started the bikini body guide (BBG) last year, the main reason being I could workout anywhere. My family and friends are my World! I’ve now got three baby nieces who already love to help me workout/try to copy everything I do! I’m a total foodie – I LOVE trying new recipes and discovering new places to eat. I’ve finally found a way to love healthy food and make it delicious! I’m currently on a mission to be more positive and stress less, as life’s too short after all!

So that’s me: a healthy foodie & fitness crazy! I’ve fallen in love with this lifestyle and it has completely changed my life for the better, which is what has motivated me to share everything with you all. I’ll be sharing recipes, workouts, favourite products, inspiration and most importantly all the (many!) mistakes I’ve made along the way! I 100% believe that fitness can be for everyone, without the need to drastically change your life. I hope this helps you in any way take a step towards leading a healthier, happier life.

Lucy x